About Sue Perrin



After having her third and final baby in 2006, Sue decided to get herself fit again, and realised the only way she would ever be able to leave the house to get to class was to turn fitness into a career. She began as a Jazzercise instructor and five years later turned to the colourful and energetic world of Zumba. There she has stayed and loved every minute of it.

The local community has come together to make the classes warm and friendly, creating a Zumba family that everyone is welcome to join. Teaching four classes a week has kept up her fitness levels and got her through all that life has thrown at her so far.

Sue is also a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist, practising in private practice as well as at a local clinic. Between working on a healthy body and healing the subconscious for a healthy mind, Sue believes in an all round approach. For details, press here.

Zumba is a great stress-buster in life :) Come and join her!